Loan Portfolio Management (“LPM”) provides due diligence, valuation, and solutions for loan portfolios. In today’s challenging environment, banks are searching for solutions to manage their real estate portfolios. What are my non-performing loans worth today? Developed in the most difficult environment in our lifetimes, our team of professionals is skilled in understanding today’s market.

In just a few weeks, we can provide your institution with an independent third-party review of your real estate portfolio, a valuation of each real estate loan, financial modeling of the balance sheet and income statement, and strategy for each asset and/or disposition of the entire portfolio.

Our work product can be used internally by board members, officers, and executives, externally to prospective capital investors, as well as for state and federal banking regulators.

In order to help your institution navigate through these troubled times, we urge you to attack these challenges “head-on.” By playing defense today, we help you play offense tomorrow.