Our team offers a number of innovative solutions to help you reduce real estate exposure by taking a hands-on, client oriented approach to the process. Building upon our strong business relationships within the investment community, we match buyers and sellers who are qualified, experienced real estate professionals focused on executing trades in an efficient and timely manner. We have been involved in the placement of over $4 billion of real estate debt and equity since the beginning of 2008 and bring more than 50 years of real estate finance and capital markets experience to the process.

Our team is dedicated to understanding your transaction goals and delivers solutions that meet those goals. We accurately match the investment objectives of prospective buyers with the product for sale to obtain the best pricing in a well-organized manner. By applying this method to the loan sale process, we protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients in the marketplace while guaranteeing an efficient and seamless execution for both buyers and sellers.

Simplifying the disposition process, reducing transaction closing time and providing confidence that a sale will close at the expected price allows you to focus on conducting other business activities. Our international investor base includes financial institutions, opportunity funds, private investment groups, individual property owners and developers and various other real estate investors.